Through using a secondary medium such as a mood board you are able to portray emotions and meanings hidden between the lines of the story that otherwise would not be highlighted. The desired overall feel of the mood board is one of uncertainty and unease with the collective images grouped together to form a dark eerie theme. While alone the images may seem meaningless, together they connect the dots to the horrid ending in the twisted love story. By looking at the mood board my intent is for the reader to be able to piece together what takes place in the story without having to read it. This allows the reader to use the board as a visual representation, also containing the implied ending that they may build upon. The images of a stalker, alcohol and gravestones add together to tell the story of a toxic one-sided relationship that turns into one of lust and an unhealthy obsession. Although only implied in the story, by looking at the mood board the reader is able to decipher the murder that happened at the canal. By leaving the ending ominous it allows the reader to build upon the ending and be creative with the details of the murder that took place.



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