1. The Wolf- Eddie Vedder (Into the Wild Soundtrack)
  2. Hard Road- Sam Roberts Band (We Were Born in a Flame)
  3.  Society Eddie Vedder (Into the Wild Soundtrack)



Eddie Vedder’s, “Society” talks about leaving society and wanting nothing more than to break free from its restraints to once again be free. Relating to the captives in Deadman’s Island being released from captivity and the heroic young men breaking through the, “fortifying circle of canoes, and step[ping] ashore (Johnson 122).” The purpose of Eddie Vedders, “The Wolf” in the playlist is to show the strength of a wolf’s howl portrayed by a human. Thus passing along the spiritual powers given to the animal to a human in order to conquer other tribes. Having a wolf as a figure of power allows the young men to find inner strenght and courage in order to preform selfless acts for others.

“And there’s no desert sun that is hot enough to feed your fire
We shipwreck like fools only to become the ocean’s choir
And the sun dies until it’s reborn
But there’s no road that ain’t a hard road to travel on”

Sam Roberts Band song above describes the hardship that the young men in Deadman’s Island went through putting others in front of themselves as they knew as long as they persevered their battle was worth fighting for. Finding strength and courage through their losses and selflessness, coming back stronger and fueling their determination they could conquer.


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