An Unfortunate Reunion

img_2738img_2738My intent on using a post card to display John Cheever’s, “The Reunion” was to allow my audience an inside perspective on the true feelings of Charlie as he begins to get to know his father again for the last time. At the beginning of the post card we can see that Charlie is genuinely excited to see his father that he hasn’t seen in ages. Even hoping he would run into someone who would see the two of them together showing truly how much he looks up to and idolizes his father. Once Charlie begins to know his father better his pristine image of him is shattered. Leaving nothing but a feeling of disappointment behind that his father is nothing but an entitled alcoholic. The post card is a way to show vulnerability in Charlie as he reaches out to his mother, giving the character more human characteristics that can be easily related to those who have also been let down in life before.


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